[Start Here] – Finance is Easy.. but

but disciplined investing is hard.

I started this website in 2015 when I was going through a rough financial phase of my life.

I was jobless. I shut down my loss making startup. I did not have money to start another company.

The good thing was that I did not have any loan to repay. All I had was enough savings to survive for 12 months without a job and passion to help people.

I will tell you the rest of my story later.. important is how you can start managing your finance yourself.

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  1. Hi Pardeep,

    I love your content about personal finance! I’ve dropped you an email regarding a financial-worthy story for CashOverFlow. Let me know if you have received it. Thanks!

  2. Hi Mr Pradeep,

    I am following your blogs for quite a while now I am also a finance professional and recently started a blog.
    I need your help from your side. So I was wondering if you can help.
    Awaiting your responce.

  3. will you please guide us on how to keep our gold and silver safe from theft and natural disasters? Please help us to know if we can store our gold silver in some online vault where safety of the metals are guaranteed?

  4. Hello,
    Your blog is very inspirational and I am looking for passive income as well.
    Can you guide me on how to find a mentor?

  5. hi pradeep sir i am happy to read your story.its a full of meaning.thanks for sharing with us its give us a moral support and a hope.

  6. Hi Pradeep,
    Many many thanks for your patience and courageous life.It will inspire to every one. I am at the age of 53.Myself is an electrical engineer.Want to earn money through online without any investment.Guide me.

  7. Your story inspired me a lot. I do not posses skils ascyou mentioned yours. But i still want to earn money online.can you please help me?

  8. Hi sir
    i really impressed after reading your story.
    Sir Guide us unemplyed youth to earn money for surviving.

  9. i am impressed this is eye opening content for those who left job and wanted to become enterprenuer

  10. I read your story and I am impressed, I am not well educated, I took only higher secondary education but I am interested to earn income from online so please guide me

  11. Pardeep Sir,

    I really inspired by your story and hard work.

    I have started blogging 1 year ago. I have some questions. Could you please answer them?

    1] Do we really need to concern about SEO stuff (Basically, Keyword Research and Backlinks)?

    2] Do we really need to concern about backlinks? Should we buy them or should we manually create backlinks or backlinks should naturally come to your content?

    Thank You.

  12. Dear Pradeep,
    Iam very impressed with your website and your way of presentation of your own content.I want to talk to you personally kindly contact me we can have a word

  13. Hello Pardeep Goyal,

    Read your inspiring real time stories and got motivated to use internet and go global virtually.

    I am 50 and I am struggling for bread and butter too. My savings has been used up and due to job crisis in India, I am unable to get proper job.

    Please help to enlighten me and guide me as to how I can earn at least 50,000 Rs per month using internet. I am really looking forward to have a mentor like you and with your help I can potentially equip myself to be self earner again and support my family.

    Thanks in advance

  14. Hi Pardeep,

    Your story is indeed inspirational. If I may ask, how long did it for your blog to take money? Also, what is your monthly expenditure for running the blog? I will also appreciate if you could kindly share your income report from your blog (unless it is confidential).


  15. Hi Pradeep Sir,

    I am Pradeep,

    I read your story multiple times and when I feel like disappointed I always read about you, by profession I am also an IT engineer and I also failed in my startup that gave me lots of lessons which I am implementing in my life and in my blog as well I like the quote written “Never test the depth of river with both your feet – Warren Buffet.”

    Many thanks for inspiring, keep it up.

  16. Hello
    I’m in search of a source to earn my own bread, struggling with many financial burdens, wanted to restart my career now. I want to start with work from home earning option so that I can take care of my health. I came across your article this time. I need your guidance sir please.

  17. Sir apne angel broking me stock option buying intraday ( i.e equity options) ka leverage 3 times likha hua hain…but angel broking ke customer care se pucha me to wo 10 times bol rhe h…sir pls mera doubt clear kijie

    • Vishal.. Companies keep on changing their clauses time to time.. When I did my research it was 3x. I might get changed in upcoming future due to SEBI’s new rule which is going to restrict margin leverage.

  18. Hi Pradeep,
    I am just turned 58, and will be retiring this month end.
    But, I have got lots of energy, and cannot sit idle, have a mind to read and learn new things everyday of my life.
    I am not afraid of changes, like most people in my age group does, and I want to earn from home by doing online jobs.
    I have got good computer knowledge, presently working in networking related job, my English is also quite good, also have high speed internet at home. So, what job you suggest me I could do after my retirement?
    I am also a biker, member of adventure motorcycle club, do some ride regularly, and have done long distance rides also, like 600 Kms plus in one single day, about 2 years back.
    Just back from a long car ride with family on holiday, about 1500 Kms in 6 days.
    Regularly upload photos and reviews on Google.
    Hope to get reply soon in my mail.

  19. Sir, thanks alot 4 inspiring me, with d content nd ur story. If only u could mentor me personally to bcom a successful YouTuber, I av so many talents which are yet to be established, but am an inspirational and motivational speaker, so, I want to start by dat, nd gradually expand wen I av d materials. Thank you very much sir.

  20. Wow sir amazing.I am also a Marwadi Baniya and I like your stuff,specially that one line (business was in my DNA).It is very true
    Keep Growing
    Sunny Gupta

  21. Deepak says


    Hi Pradeep,
    I am in my mid-sixtees with no pension or any source of income. All the savings are dwindling. No technical, financial or a professional background which could assist in creating funds. So, what would you suggest I do to start earning at this stage?

    I wrote to you the above some time ago–no reply. Come on–I’m sure you could pep up a senior of my age ( I refuse to call myself an old guy). GO AHEAD–BECOME A BIT EMOTIONAL AND REACH OUT !!

    • You may not have tech or financial background but you must have acquired lot of experience in last 50 years.

      Why don’t you start mentoring young people and guide them in the right direction?

      In the process, you will also learn. You can pick any topic like mental health, physical health, yoga, meditation, any craft or skill…

      or parenting, cooking, music..

      I can write endless skills that are in demand and people are looking to learn. You need to hustle and find your first 5-10 people to start with.

  22. Hello Mr. Goyal
    I came across your website while looking for ways to earn extra money from home. I just turned 26, I am from Kolkata. I work for a boutique that sells sarees. I have always wanted to do something on my own,independently. I could not get a better job as I failed in high school,which indeed is very embarrassing, I did not study and took life very lightly. Then life hit me hard and realised how important education is, just one more subject and I will pass school. Then I plan to graduate in Psychology. Meanwhile, I want to start something of my own because I am 26,running out of time and it high time I should do something other than feel sorry for myself. I dont have a perspective of what I an do,hence I seek your help.


    • Disha.. First think about what you can do better than others. If you have good knowledge of sarees, you can start selling on amazon or you can start your own blog to guide females about different sarees & similar stuff. Ideas are numerous but you have to think what you is aligned with you.

  23. Hi, Mr Pardeep Goyal,
    I am trying to enter an online business, but couldn’t concentrate/focus on a particular goal. Determination / Potential is high, but due to lack of goal action are not contributed, resulting again finding myself standing on the same platform. Please help me if you can.

  24. hey, I want to start a blog however I am unable to figure out the best plan on siteground/ wordpress. I need to register a domain and would require affiliate marketing alongside more useful plugins. Please suggest (I am a thrifty spender).

  25. Dear Pradeep ,
    After watching videos and reading blogs about CashOverFlow and his success story. I am very excited, I did always want to earn money on internet . I am found of expressing myself, about my ideas and my travel experience but never tried anything like this. I do read more than writing. Thank you for your support and encouragement. I am looking forward to hearing back from you. Thank you

  26. Dear Pradeep,

    I haven’t read your posts completely yet but whatever I did, I found it really nice and coming right from your heart. You know I am 42 with a small nuclear family and looking to establish myself after quitting job two years back and still struggling. You being a gentle person with helping attitude even during your tough times to the needy ones was something great to be implemented at this young age. May GOD bless you with more strength and capacity to help millions of needy civilians of our country victim of our poor education system. Despite long years of tough studies and spoiling their childhood, they find themselves clueless. And on the other side there are a handful and capable people like you doing so good without any direct interest.

    Love you and want to thank you for your this spirit. You are an angel my dear.

    I’m willing to invest a little amount for some aspiring individual who is in the initial stage with a history of the growth of one or two years so that together we can build a company.

    May all the good and hardworking Humans progress by leaps and bounds.

  27. if you are starting a new blog or a beginner to blogging. what is the importance of niche in blogging.Blogspot or wordpress.com will be useful or not for making money.

    • Start learning content writing and practice on your blog. Does not matter where you blog is hosted if you are just learning.

      Self hosted blog is recommended when you want to run your blog as your business.

  28. Hi Pradeep,
    I am in my mid-sixtees with no pension or any source of income. All the savings are dwindling. No technical, financial or a professional background which could assist in creating funds. So, what would you suggest I do to start earning at this stage?

  29. Hello sir,
    I am basically a student and there is nothing like earning a big amount if money. I just want to learn something new. Sir I have a big passion for writing and I just want one chance. I just want to be independent… Please sir I need your help..

  30. hi pardeep, i am looking to connect with you for partnership, can you please suggest best way to connect. Thanks

  31. Hi Mr Pradeep Goyal,
    I just wanted to check the authenticity of a Forex Card called NiYO DCB Card. Could you please help me.\?

  32. Hi Pradeep, Exploring the internet regarding how to earn money at home or how a person uses his skills to earn money. After reading your whole blog, website, and especially about your journey, it is all encouraging as well as provide a clear direction to the newbie like me.
    I am not good at writing though I love to share as well as providing advises whenever needed irrespective of person.
    I want to talk to you further on blogging site, and especially regarding your experience in depth.


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