[Start Here] – Finance is Easy.. but

but disciplined investing is hard.

I started this website in 2015 when I was going through a rough financial phase of my life.

I was jobless. I shut down my loss making startup. I did not have money to start another company.

The good thing was that I did not have any loan to repay. All I had was enough savings to survive for 12 months without a job and passion to help people.

I will tell you the rest of my story later.. important is how you can start managing your finance yourself.

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  1. i want to send my article irony . pl give yr. email to send. Do you accept hindi writing also.

  2. Hello..I have read all your article about online business strategy. Really you are too good in communications and inspiring man to build up other’s interest in this field. I am an artist. I am a photographer designer. I am not good enogh in my financial part. I want to do make money through online by freelance. Can you please help me how to start this?

  3. hi i am shahnila and i liked your article and your way + efforts in earning .i want to work to earn much but the main problem is i dont have a centeral point to do something different .I watch videos on youtube about earning and do work and then face failure again and again .I belive that life is too short and i am searching for a shortcut to earn money .Your article inspired me so much .so please guide me about blogging and facebook pages ..How much time they will take to grow ..

  4. Hi Sir,
    I hope you are well.I like your article.Really sir, its a very good things for us.
    sir can u suggest me how can i improve my frelance life.?

  5. Hey Sir,
    I want to Ask That I am Planning to start a Blog Site.
    So I want to Ask That Is Web Security & SSL Necessary For Blogging Site?

  6. Dear sir I am about to start work on so am i required to get gstn if my current annual turnover is less than 20 lacks.

  7. Dear SIR ,Icongratulate you for mentioning the qote ‘You keep on giving the world without any expectation,the universe will take care of you!’This golden sentense will give energy to every person who is ambicious to achive positively in the world.
    I am interested in earning through YouTube channal and Blog writing.
    Would you mind guiding me in this field,Sir.
    Thank You.

  8. please, i donot have any knowledge of earning money online but yes I want to earn money in food , clothing, immitation jwellery, fashion and traveling so please I want to start and advice what to do.


  9. Reading about your journey and courage is giving me goosebumps. I can resonate with the your journey. My husband and I took a similar leap 5 years back, quit our jobs, moved to Goa and started a business. fortunately the business started covering our expenses fully by third year. But we lived super frugally in those years. We still follow a frugal lifestyle.

    Coming from a job it takes a while to get used to ups and downs of an entrepreneurial lifestyle.

      • We run a software business. It is growing steadily nothing fancy but pays the bills.
        Frugality Tips is tricky one- because though we started with being extremely frugal in the beginning we could not sustain it. We are not spendthrift anymore neither are we frugal. We realised counting pennies was not working well for us.

        We work best with aligning ourselves with a positive life philosophy. We are minimal. That helps us to spend efficiently.

        Best tip we could share is to adopt a more simple lifestyle- just buy what you cant do without… Don’t hoard things physically or mentally. Eat healthy (automatically reduces eating out), Exercise…

        We like to take advantage of Travel CCard miles, online deals while shopping (which we do only necessary), hacking travel with discount deals, coupon. Maintaining our gadgets so we don’t have to replace often
        Like you- we also like slow travel. We moved to Goa 4.5 years back. Plan was to stay here for 3 years… but we couldn’t decide on the next place in India . Let’s see what is next.

  10. Hello sir,
    I am looking forward to being of some assistance to you in case you would require someone to assist you with the writing. I am adept with English, and I do inspire to become a blogger/writer in future. Unfortunately, at this point of time I have other priorities and reservations in life that I need to deal with. Regardless, I’d still like to set the ball rolling in that direction.
    I’d like to discuss with you more elaborately. Feel free to contact me.

  11. please, i donot have any knowledge of earning money online but yes i want to earn money in writing and blogging. so please i want to start and advice what to do.

  12. “Hi Sir,
    My name Harishkumar And I am an SEO analyst.
    I am writing to introduce myself and make you aware of me as a resource for Affiliate marketing And I wish to contribute a guest post to your blog.
    I have carefully read your editorial guidelines and would love to write something for your blog Audience.
    I am open to new ideas and can provide you with well-researched content.
    Feel free to get back if you have any questions. look forward to contributing your blog.


  13. If you are starting a new blog or a beginner to blogging. what is the importance of niche in blogging.Blogspot or will be useful or not for making money.

  14. Mr. Goyel no doubt your articles is inspirational and vastly informative for learning and earning. But there is a confusion to accept the truth that withdraw yourself from regular fixed service income and facing a huge lose consequent two times your target and desire was still the same like staring like Robert Bruce. Anyway I am DN Baker jee, ,56 years interested in drama, theatre , travel , to help the poor and distress from my small savings as maximum as possible, and great man’said wisdom , constant mental conflict and tension of pvt emploee to execute responsibility ,discontinue service from Aug 2017 expecting a standard income to be earn by my own to continue my desire in a large scale with a real friend’save support from your end .
    With thanks
    D N Banerjee

  15. I like to join online busses because I want to eain a good feature. Hi friends please help me. Thanks , my name is barile gift.

  16. hello sir,
    myself tahmina, im a student.. u r article helped me the most. i must say it was always my dream to be a writer & i have won many prizes in state level too in writing articles,essay,declamations…etc.. & like u did before even i was searching ways to earn online..Thing is that i always secured top rank & convenor quota seats but i couldn’t make it now so to help my parents in paying my own fee atleast.. im in really need of earning…please sir send me ur details i would send u my works.i have written many poems,inspiring stories from my own life experiences.ill be waiting for your reply sir.
    thank you.

  17. Dear Mr. Pradeep,
    I came across to your website when I was searching for some online earning ideas and liked it. The site is so nice and interesting that I could not leave it for couple of hours and decided to learn from your experience as I am novice in this respect.
    To say about myself, I am a retired Cost Accountant from a Cement manufacturing MNC and is interested in investing in stocks. In fact I am investing in shares since 2003 but due to some ill luck I have earned a lot and lost a lot. After retirement I feel the savings are not enough to maintain my status while in service and is eager to start earning by doing online work. I am a hard worker, have some working knowledge on computer but no skill in programming or developing but ready to learn anything. I feel your guidance will help me a lot to achieve my goal.

  18. Sir .I m 49 years and there is not survive in fix income .I m in joint family business. so how I can increase my own income. Please suggest me. I m in gujrat surat

  19. Hi Pradeep,
    I want to start digital marketing of my upcoming techie blog that i will start soon.
    Please suggest some direction that i must follow to make it successful and start earning from that. What are the tools that i need to manage my sites.

  20. Dear Pradip,

    Your story is inspiring!

    Do you have any paid courses created by yourself which can teach us about generating traffic for website?

    I did not find it on

    I would be interested to join.


  21. Hi, Thanks for your informative website.Could you be please throw some light on about how many your audience average percentage out of 100000/month are from India .
    I want to start a blog but I am confused about my target audience.
    Thanks In advance.

  22. Dear Mr. Goyal,
    Your articles are excellent and motivating. I am new to these part of business. I am into traditional business with lot of failure and not doing very good. Your article give me a new hope. I am willing to learn and work. I have decent knowledge in computers, but not a developer. I am planning for a travel blog where I can get inbound traffic and I can organize tours for them. In this I need your help and I would like you to be my mentor in this project. Looking forward to hear from you soon.

  23. Sir. I am vasudeva, from bangalore, Iam very good at kannada language, i dont english, my question is if i start in kannada, can i make money, i do translation work as freelans translater,how to fine opportunity for kannadacntent writer and transaltioin work. pls help me.


  24. Hi, I recently came across your website when I was searching for some small scale business ideas online and liked it. I also liked your how to start a website in 5 minutes. I am interested in starting online food business from home. What I would like to know is, if I start my website on Siteground as per the instructions given in your article, will I be able to sell my food products, does it have the proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) applications so that it is able to rank well in the search engine and grasp the notice of prospective customers. Or should I go through shiprocket or kart rocket. Kindly advise.

  25. Hi,
    Is it possible for me to get In touch over the phone, your articles inspired me to learn, I’m jobless with 12.5 years of experience, I was in business development role and finding hard to get a job now.

    Vinod Prabhakar

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    Looking forward to your reply.

  27. Hi ,
    I have 8 Years of exp in IT, now not working, I am looking money, If any online jobs, please let me know. I am very Thankful.

  28. Thank you for your tips, as the whole world is craving for money I am one of them, having loads of burden, loans, committments I wish to earn money online. I am a Sales Manager, now am in the brink of ending my career because of my age. But as everyone knows the committments, loans, burdens have no retirement, they continue to hunt my family and I feel I should not continue these burdens. Better I have to finish off all and provide handful of money to my family for their comfortable stay in life after me. Could you please help me by informing how to start earning online. What is blog and I do not know how to design webiste. Please help.

  29. Hi Pardeep,
    I want to start blogging and later on get into affiliate marketing. I want to blog about 2 or 3 categories in the same website. Is this a good strategy? Please let me know your opinion and suggestions.

  30. I want to start blogging and later get into affiliate marketing. I would like to know if I can blog in more than one category (may be 3 different categories) in the same website. Is this a good strategy? Waiting for your opinion and suggestions.

  31. I want to start a business. My business requires me to make a good app. To advertise it. I don’t how to do it. I m a student (first year) bsc. I also do not possess any managerial investing talents. I am normal less active slow. Please write a blog for people like me. I also do not have any money or experience ( just 4,267rs). Please reply me.

  32. Hi Pardeep

    I need help as I am quite new to this blogging etc. I have two websites. One is hosted on godaddy and other on designers hosting.
    After reading your article, I would like to shift both to a better hosting provider which seems to be SiteGround as per your analysis.
    My designer says he is never heard of this company.

    Now i am confused.

    Also, I have to buy linux or windows hosting space or wordpress needs to be bought.

    Looking forward to your reply.


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