10 Best Lifetime Free Credit Cards in India 2023

You may be getting many SMS or calls for lifetime free credit cards but you should know that lifetime-free credit cards come with basic reward value and very few benefits.

The banks may be showing 5x or 10x rewards but the reality is that you would get a maximum of 1% reward value when you convert your rewards to cash.

You don’t get free airport lounge visits with free credit cards. Only the IDFC wealth credit card provides condition-based free airport lounge access in this list.

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You should apply for a free credit card either to begin your credit card journey or just to grab bank-specific exclusive deals.

10 Best Credit Cards in India Without Annual Fees

#1. Amazon Pay ICICI Pay

ICICI Amazon Pay Credit Card
Biggest Benefit

5% discount on Amazon

Best for Amazon Shopping
Amazon Pay ICICI Pay

Amazon Pay ICICI credit card is best for Amazon shopping. You can save 5% on all your spending on Amazon with a Prime membership. Nonprime members will get 3% cashback on Amazon shopping. 

You will get 1% on all other online and offline spending which is a decent reward value for a lifetime free credit card. 


#2. IDFC First Classic Credit Card 

IDFC FIRST Classic Credit Card
Biggest Benefit

4 Railway lounge visits

1% cashback on online shopping
IDFC First Classic Credit Card 

IDFC First classic credit card gives 6X reward online and 3X reward points offline spending. You will get a 1% reward value on online and 0.50% on offline spending. 

You get a welcome voucher worth Rs 500 on spending ₹15,000 within the first 90 days. And 5% cashback up to Rs 1000 on your first EMI done within 30 days. 

#3. IDFC FIRST Wealth Credit Card

IDFC FIRST Wealth Travel Credit Card
Biggest Benefit

International lounge access

Best IDFC Credit Card
IDFC FIRST Wealth Credit Card

IDFC First Wealth is a next-level credit card as compared to the IDFC First Classic Credit Card. 

You get 4 Domestic & International lounges, spa visits, and 2 complimentary Golf rounds per month in addition to IDFC classic credit card. Other Features are almost the same. 

#4. IndusInd Legend Credit Card

Indusind Legend Credit Card
Biggest Benefit

2% reward value on weekends

Lifestyle Credit Card
IndusInd Legend

IndusInd Legend is a lifestyle credit card that gives up to a 2% reward value on all your weekend spending. You get a 1% reward value on your weekday spending. 

You get 4000 bonus reward points on spending 6 lakh in one year. 

#5. BOB Easy Shop Credit Card

BOB Easy shop credit card
Biggest Benefit

5X points on groceries, departmental stores, and movies.

Easy Approval
BOB Easy Shop

BOB Easy Shop is a beginner-level credit card that offers 5X reward points on categories like groceries, departmental stores, and movies. 5X reward points seem great but the reward value is just 1.25%. 

You will get a 0.25% reward value on all other categories. 

#6. Bank of Baroda Prime Credit Card

bob Prime-Card
Biggest Benefit

No income proof required

Aganist Fixed deposit
#10. BoB Prime Credit Card

BOB Prime is a secured credit card that you can apply against a fixed deposit of Rs. 15,000 without any income proof.  

Students and housewives can apply for BOB prime credit cards to build their credit scores. 

#7. Kotak League Credit Card

Kotak league credit card
Biggest Benefit

4 free PVR tickets on spending 1.2 lakh

Upto 8 Free PVR Tickets
Kotak league

You should apply for a Kotak League credit card if you will spend more than 2.5 lakh in a year. Kotak League provides a reward value of 0.50% on all spends and 1% on travel categories. 

You will get 8 points (1% value) on all spends beyond 2 lakh in a year. You can get 4 free PVR tickets or 10000 reward points every 6 months on spending 1.2 lakh.

#8. AU Bank LIT (Live It Today) Credit Card

AU Bank LIT Credit Card
Biggest Benefit

Multiple options to choose the rewards

Customize Your Benefits

AU Small Finance LIT Credit Card comes with a unique feature of customizable credit card features.

You can select from five types of features that you want to use for a period of 90 days. For example, you can choose 10X or 5X accelerated reward points on all your spending. 

You need to pay a fee of Rs 299 for 10X points and Rs. 199 for 5X reward points for 90 days. 

#9. HDFC Bank Shoppers Stop Credit Card

hdfc shoppers stop credit card
Biggest Benefit

2.4% savings on shopper stop

Best for Shoppers Stop
HDFC Bank Shoppers Stop Credit Card

Co-branded card by HDFC Bank and Shoppers Stop is ideal for shopping on Shoppers Stop brands. You can save 2.4% on Shoppers Stop private label brands and 0.9% on all other spends. 

You will get 2000 points on spending Rs 2 Lakhs in a year. 

#10. ICICI Platinum Chip Credit Card 

ICICI Bank Platinum Chip Credit Card
Biggest Benefit

Easy approval

Beginner Level Card
ICICI Platinum Chip Credit Card

ICICI Platinum is an entry-level credit card and is good to get your first credit card approval. If your credit card applications are getting rejected then you can apply for the ICICI platinum credit card. 

The reward value is 0.5%  for all retail purchases except fuel. 

Final Words

You should compare the return benefit with the credit card annual fee. If you are not using credit cards then you go for a free or minimum-fee credit card. If you want to maximize the reward value then you can check out our list of best credit cards in India.

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