Zebpay vs WazirX: Which One is Best for You in 2023

Zebpay and WazirX are crypto exchanges based in India. WazirX stood the ban imposed by the RBI whereas Zebpay had to shut its operations last year just to start afresh after the recent Supreme Court relaxation.

Zebpay is still revamping its operations and may be costly if you are starting crypto investments. They are charging a membership fee of 0.0001 BTC per month. 

WazirX recently partnered with Binance (world largest crypto exchange) and offers three trading segments that are helpful for new and professional crypto traders. 

In this article, you will get a detailed review of both WazirX vs Zebpay cryptocurrency exchanges helpful to find out which is better for your investments and trading needs.

Zebpay vs WazirX Comparison 

Started in 20182014
Segments Spot exchange, P2P and STFSpot trading
Cryptocurrency supported70+ trading pairs15 trading pairs 
Deposit & Withdraw INRYesYes
Own CoinWazirX (WRX)none
Cryptocurrency Wallet WazirX walletZebpay pooled wallet
Trading feesWazirXZebpay
Account opening feesNILNIL
Maker fees0.2%0.15%
Taker Fees0.2%0.25%
Intraday FeesN.A.0.10%
P2P 0%N.A.
STF (fee on profit)25%N.A.
BTC withdrawal fees0.0005 BTC0.00049 BTC
INR withdrawal feesNot mentionedRs. 10
Membership feesNone0.0001 BTC or equivalent per month
PlatformsWeb and Mobile appsWeb and Mobile apps

WazirX vs Zebpay Charges Comparison

As compared to Zebpay, WazirX offers trading in exchange, P2P and STF markets. Zebpay provides spot and intraday crypto trading services.

The details of various charges collected by both the crypto exchanges are as under:

ParticularsWazirX ChargesZebpay Charges
Trading Fees (Taker)0.2%0.25%
Trading Fees (Maker)0.2%0.15%
Intraday FeesN.A.0.10%
P2P 0%N.A.
STF (fee on profit)25%N.A.
BTC withdrawal fees0.0005 BTC0.00049 BTC
INR withdrawal feesNot mentionedRs. 10
Membership feesNone0.0001 BTC or equivalent per month

#1. Zebpay Trading Charges

Trading Fees 

Taker fees are trading charges that happen immediately after placing the order. Whereas, if you are required to wait for the order to get matched then you need to pay a Maker’s fees. 

Zebpay has a different maker (0.15%) and taker (0.25%) fees. Orders near to market prices will get executed immediately and you need to pay the higher taker’s fees. 

You can also trade intraday (buy/sell on the same day) on Zebpay. The intraday fees charged by Zebpay is 0.10%. The intraday for cryptocurrency starts from midnight. 

Membership Fees

Zebpay charges membership fees of 0.0001 BTC or equivalent per month which comes to around 60 rupees per month based on present BTC prices. The membership fee is not charged by WazirX. 

Zebpay aims to reduce the membership fees as and when the trading resumes fully.

#2. Zebpay Withdrawal Fees

Zebpay charges withdrawal fees when you move your cryptocurrency. The withdrawal fees vary from currency to currency and are subject to minimum and maximum amounts. 

For example, in case you wish to withdraw Bitcoin (BTC) then you need to pay;

Withdrawal fees for Bitcoin0.00049 BTC
Minimum Withdraw Amount0.0005 BTC
Maximum Withdraw Amount1 BTC
Minimum Deposit Amount0.000001 BTC

Likewise, withdrawal fees for Tether USD is 1.5 USDT, and for Ether (ETH) 0.015 ETH.  

INR deposit and withdrawal fees

Zebpay does not charge any fees for depositing INR but collects Rs. 10 as withdrawal fees.

#1. WazirX Trading Charges 

WazirX allows trading in the spot market, P2P market and STF trading. All the trades are subject to a minimum order size. Which means you need to buy/sell at least an X amount of a particular cryptocurrency. 

Trading fees for spot exchange 

In the spot market, you can trade various cryptocurrency pairs. The trading fee is 0.2% for both the maker and taker. So it does not matter when your order gets matched.

Trading fees for P2P market transactions

Presently, the P2P market has only eight currencies paired against USD Tether (USDT). 

  • Euro (EUR)
  • Indonesia Rupee (IDR)
  • Indian Rupee (INR)
  • Nigerian Naira (NGN)
  • Russian Rouble (RUB)
  • Suadi Riyal (SAR)
  • Turkish Lira (TRY) 
  • Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH)

Using WazirX you can do only USDT/INR P2P transactions. The charge for P2P transactions is  0% but there are minimum sell or buy orders. 

The minimum value is 14.5 USDT and the maximum buy order that you can place is 2000 USDT. 

Trading fees for Smart Token Fund (STF) market transactions

STF transaction facility is for new cryptocurrency traders who need hand-holding by paying a certain percentage of profit earned to the experienced crypto traders.

For such STF Trading, WazirX collects 25% fees on profit.

#2. WazirX Withdrawal Fees

The withdrawal fees on WazirX varies from cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency and are subject to minimum and maximum amounts. 

For example, in case you wish to withdraw Bitcoin (BTC) then; 

Withdrawal fees for Bitcoin0.0005 BTC
Minimum Withdraw Amount0.001 BTC
Maximum Withdraw Amount3 BTC
Minimum Deposit Amount0 BTC

Likewise, withdrawal fees for Tether USD is 1.5 USDT, and for WazirX is 10 WRX.

Let’s check the Zebpay and WazirX information in detail


Largest crypto exchange in India
  • 70+ crypto pairs for trading
  • Exchange, P2P and STF markets
  • Advances trading tools on TradingView
  • WRX token coins

WazirX (check the detailed WazirX review) is the largest crypto exchange in India now partnered with Binance. 

WazirX helps you buy, sell and trade-in over 70 cryptocurrency and trading pairs. New traders benefit from their simple platform and STF facility where they can learn from their peers by sharing the profits.

WazirX even has its own token WRX, (a major difference from Zebpay),  that you can use for paying transaction fees.

If you are an experienced trader and looking for an advanced trading platform then I suggest you check the detailed comparison of WazirX with CoinDCX. You would get a better trading platform with the DeFi application with CoinDCX.

Features of WazirX

#1. Accessible Across Platforms

To access the WazirX platform you have to download the app from the Google Play Store or Apple Stores or by login to their web platform.

You can use the platform on smartphones (both android & iOS), Windows and Mac PCs and laptops.  

#2. Speed Transaction 

WazirX crypto exchange is at par with global standards where it can scale up its execution capabilities in a short time in case the trading volume increases. The platform has the capacity to handle millions of transactions smoothly.

However, WazirX is yet to come with a system for merchant payments. 

 #3. Access to Advanced Trading Tools

WazirX exchange integrates all the features and charting tools of TradingView helpful for traders and professionals to analyze prices and historical data and set trading strategies.

#4. Spot Exchange, P2P Market-Place and STF

WazirX offers buying/selling for beginners and advanced traders through three markets.


WazirX Exchange is a spot market where you can trade over 70 cryptocurrencies. The Exchange has three segments based on currency pairs, namely USDT, BTC and INR as the base currency.

P2P (Person to Person) Market 

WazirX offers a unique P2P platform that helps you buy USDT directly from any seller. WazirX plays the role of facilitator and escrow. 

WazirX platforms act as an order matching system that releases the escrowed currency after the seller confirms receipt.

STF (Smart Token Fund)

STF helps new traders learn the art by hand-holding. You can get tied up with experienced crypto traders who can help you grow your crypto portfolio over time.

In return, you need to share with the profit. WazirX charges a certain percentage of profit earned as a fee.

Cryptocurrency You Can Buy Through WazirX 

On WazirX exchange you can trade in over 70+ cryptocurrencies paired with USDT. USDT is a Tether USD currency that is 1:1 backed by US dollars.  

Apart from USD Tether crypto pairs, WazirX allows you to in Bitcoin (BTC) pairs and INR pairs. The INR pairs help you buy cryptocurrencies directly on the WazirX crypto exchange.


Zebpay (check detailed Zebpay review) was one of the oldest and largest crypto exchanges that started in 2014 but had to shut its operations last year due to RBI advisory. 

After the Supreme Court relaxation, Zebpay recently relaunched its operations. It will take time for Zebpay to regain full trading on the exchange. This is evident from the low number of supported currency pairs and initial charges that are absent in WazirX.

Features of Zebpay 

#1. Deposit and Withdraw INR 

You can use Indian rupees to deposit into and withdraw into your Zebpay account. The INR amount can be used to buy cryptocurrency. Once you have bitcoins, ethereum or USDT then that can be used to purchase other cryptocurrencies.

#2. Accessible across platforms

Zebpay trading happens through mobile apps and web applications. 

Both the trading platforms can be accessed on any of the devices like laptop, tablet, smartphone and PC that has an internet connection.

#3. Fast Lightning Payments

Zebpay offers a new protocol free of charge that is built over bitcoin and allows small amounts with faster payments by scanning or pasting invoices.

Presently the system allows a maximum of 0.002BTC per transaction and up to 10 transactions per day. 

Cryptocurrency You Can Buy Through Zebpay 

As compared to WazirX, Zebpay supports very few coins and crypto trading pairs. That may be because the company is revamping its exchange and platform to get started once again after the RBI ban.

Presently, Zebpay only supports frontline six cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash and EOS.

The trading pairs are limited to around 15 trading (12 cryptos/fiat and 4 crypto-crypto pairs). We hope that the scene will change soon. 

Why You Might Prefer WazirX

WazirX is a better platform for a new and advanced cryptocurrency trader. New traders can use the STF facility to start bitcoin investment.

Whereas, professional traders can use the spot and P2P market for building a decent portfolio.

Wazir allows INR deposits free of charge which you can use to buy USDT and then any of the global cryptocurrencies.

Why You Might Prefer Zebpay

Zebpay is restarting its operations and we hope that it will soon catch up with its peers like WazirX. 

Presently, Zebpay offerings are limited in terms of the number of cryptocurrency trading pairs. But you have the facility to do intraday trading at a 0.10% cost. 

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